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Adapt and Overcome

Say a prayer but the good times roll; in case God doesn't show.

12 November 1980
"Live, liveth, not shalt thou die."

These are the ramblings of a polytheistic geek-groupie, who is so far left she bumps into the right on the other side.

saamun and I had our first child on 2/22/06. Little Kimberly Jade was 8 weeks early but as of 3/1/05 she weighs 3 pounds and 1 ounce. While early she is doing extremely well and is showing every sign of developing normally as she grows.

*update* Kimberly is now two years old and doing wonderfully. She is a typical precocious toddler with no delays from her birth. My daughter is awesome.

*update* Kimberly is now 3yrs old and we're expecting our 2nd child, hopefully, at the end of October. Her name is Juniper Kathryne and while I am excited at the thought of getting to hold her I am in no rush to have her here.

*update* Apparently I make my babies small but awesome. Juniper Kathryne was born on 9/12 via c-section because of pre-eclampsia. She weighed 3 pounds 14 ounces and got 9/10 on her APGAR! She spent a week in the NICU before coming home to us healthy and nursing like a champ. Kimberly is a great big sister and so helpful.

"If we remain pessimistic, thinking that we cannot succeed, then we aren't able to evolve."-The Dalai Lama "An Open Heart"

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baby development

baby development